Getting ready for your big day?
These notes are designed to help you think about some of the practicalities of getting married in one of the churches in the Parish of High Ongar.

Weddings in the Parish of High Ongar

Marriage Preparation and Order of Service

Couples are usually offered a short course of 2 one-hour sessions of Marriage Preparation, which will cover 1) ‘Bible Basics of marriage’ and 2) ‘Communication & Conflict’. During these sessions, the wedding service will also be explained any options discussed and agreed. Subsequent discussions/ decisions can be dealt with on the phone, via e-mail/ correspondence or at additional meeting(s) as necessary. The standard order is as follows:

1. Entrance of the Bride 
2. The Welcome 
3. Hymn 1 
4. The Marriage 
5. Prayers and Blessing n
6. Hymn 2
7. Bible Reading(s)
8. Address
9. Hymn 3
10. Signing of the registers
11. Bridal Processio

However, while there is a basic core to the service and many couple want a traditional ‘off-the-peg’ wedding, it is possible to customise your special day to make it personal to you. To help you begin drafting and customising your service, the Church of England provides an on-line ‘Wedding Planner’ available here:

Should you require a printed Order of Service, which is preferable, it will be your responsibility to have this printed, but please provide us with a copy before the rehearsal. Alternatively, we can supply our standard hymn book, Mission Praise, for the congregation, although you will then be restricted in choosing hymns from this book.


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