Other bits and pieces
Finally, here are some additional things for you to be aware of and consider.

Weddings in the Parish of High Ongar

Other information

Below are the final pieces of information you need to plan you big day.


We will need up to an hour for a rehearsal, usually the evening before the wedding. At this, we need the two of you (obviously!), the best man, the chief bridesmaid, and preferably the other bridesmaids, ushers and the bride's father or whoever is going to 'give away' the bride (if anyone).


Parking at all 3 of our church buildings is very limited. Please be advised to investigate suitable arrangements, depending on the number of guests you are inviting, and advise them accordingly.


Confetti must not be thrown inside the church.

Photography and video

Apart from during the signing of the Registers, after the entrance of the bride, no flashes or other bright lights are to be used until the wedding party processes down the isle at the end. During the service, any photography without flashes/ lights must be unobtrusive and the operator(s) must not move around the church. All this is primarily so that you are not unduly disturbed on your special day!


Please refer to the latest fees sheet which can be found on the website.