A short series on why make disciples, What is a disciple, How are disciples made, Who make disciples and Where are disciples made.

Learning from the Apostle Paul’s first letter to the new Christian community in the important Macedonian city of Thessalonica. This was a major centre of trade and military power situated on the sprawling Egnatian Way road, a key trade route spanning what is now Albania to Turkey.

For the Autumn we will be looking at Gospel of Mark and all he has to tell us about Jesus, particularly the last three years of His life.  In this series the Gospel of Mark will open up to us a chance of greater insight in the the life of Jesus.

Series of sermons unpacking the prophecy of Malachi. His writings are the last prophetic word we hear from God until John the Baptist pronounces the coming of Messiah in the Judean hillside some 400 years or so later. It is an important word and a timely word.

In this series we will take a look at faith and exploring the many ways faith can be put into action and must be seen in action.  We will study the Book of James and see how the apostle reminds us that faith without deeds is an empty and dead faith.

A new sermon series following the call and ministry of Abraham. Along with his family God took them on a journey that was to have far reaching consequences

A short series on three of the parables

A series of five talks on the Mission of Jesus and how His mission should be reflected in our own lives.

The first of three series during the summer term.  This series looks at Jesus and his life after his Resurrection and impact on our lives and beliefs.

This series will look at various aspects of freedom found through our closeness with Christ and the freedom we receive by living through the teachings of His word.

This series of sermons is shaped round Paul's various letters and is focusing on prayer - its value, its importance and its purpose in our Christian life

A two week mini-series on the issues surrounding life, it's creation and value, about infanticide and abortion: and about death and the thoughts and views on various aspects of death, including assisted suicide

A short mini-series covering 8 weeks during the summer period - the series preaches mainly on the Psalms and is edited highlights from the Book of Psalms covering a number of human problems and issues - giving guidance and wisdom on these.


For the summer term of 2015 we are looking at the Book of Nehemiah and how it teaches us about what matters - from Prayer to Jesus

This series looks at John's Gospel and particularly the last words Jesus preached about His life and His work on earth

A short series looking at the book of Habakkuk.  Over this short series, Habakkuk will help us to learn how to face the realities of the world we live in.

A series looking at the first book of Corinthians - the challenges faced by the church in that period and those we face today

A four part mini sermon series looking at the Book of Jonah.

A series of talks on the reality of how Jesus led his life and how we should have faith and follow Jesus.

First Sunday of the month at St Mary's - alternative sermons to those in the termly sermon series.

A short three-part series on covering marriage, same-sex marriages and family.

This term in our all-age services, we’ll be looking at ‘Big (Bible words) that end in SHUN’ starting in January with Revla-SHUN!

Opportunity to explore over the next 7 weeks the Book of Daniel

A short series of one-off sermons during Advent 2013 at St Mary's

Working our way through the Letter/Book of 1 Peter where we hear how we are God's Chosen people, how to live in a hostile world and although suffering first, our gift is eternal life through God our Father.

A series looking at the Beatitudes which are a set of teachings by Jesus on how to live our lives.

A look at Exodus Chapters 1-12 from tyrannical leaders, promises of a new beginning and how it all led to Easter.

All Age Service series for 2013.  Stories, puppets, songs and activities to help kids of all ages understand the story of Jesus from Mark's Gospel.

A short series highlighting how various characters in the Bible praised God in their lives.

A mini-series looking at Jesus - the prophet, the priest and the King

A short series on John's Gospel where John shows us the many  faces of Jesus, his ways and character.

A short sermon series looking at the book of Samuel

A short series covering the full meaning of the Easter story

An All Age Service mini series on why Jesus came and what would seem to us his Mission Impossible

A new series of sermons looking into the letter Paul wrote to the church of Philippi and how its teachings can encourage and help us today in our daily living

This series takes a fresh look at the first book of the Bible and how it all began

We try to answer the Big Questions: Why did Jesus have to die?  How can I know God exists?  Why does God allow suffering? Don't all good people go to Heaven?

A short series of sermons on some of the parables told by Jesus and how they apply to us today
A series of Sunday morning sermons on how God has a plan for all of us - He is faithful and powerful and good to His promises. In this series we look at how although events in our lives seem to be random they are not and are all part of God's overall plan that works for our good in the end.
A series of seven talks going through the Book of Colossians
The King, the Snake and the Promise
A brand new series of monthly all age services at 10:15am at St Mary’s Church High Ongar. With stories, songs, activities and puppets to help children of all ages understand the story of the whole Bible.
Haggai: Hope for God's people
A look at the book of Haggai, from the Old Testament.
Single sermons
These are single sermons and stand alone preaching that are not part of any sermon series or are one-off sermons for a particular occasion.
God's Church, our Church
Taking a look at who or what the church is and why it exists.