December 09, 2018
God: Completing the Good Work
It is the hope that we will all come to know God and hold him deep in our lives. This was Paul's pryaer and hope for the Phillippians = he built up a small church in that place which grew and grew. Often we hear preachers talk of their desire for us all to grow deeper in the knowledge of God. How do we do that? What practical steps can we take. It is like our recipe for the Christmas pudding - gradually adding more and more to it until we end up with a wonderful thing. The prophets told hundreds of years inbefore the birth of Jesus of His coming. The story of Christmas is just another part of the puzzle - of God's great plan - another part which fits together. There are many things which can distract us from really understanding God and His word and when we most need it, our belief seeems to run cold. We need to come back to that first love we had in God and ask Him to come close to us again. Advent is about this - asking God to show us the small steps we can take and how we can do something positive in our lives to see the true wonders of Jesus at work in our lives day to day. Maybe there are times we think our situation is too difficult for God to deal with and we doubt. We need God to break the chains of doubt, who brings us alongside Him and brings His work in us to completion. It takes time to grow and deepen our faith in God but with Him by our side and working in us, He will complete the good work He has started.
Duration: 17 mins 41 secs