October 21, 2018
Jesus: the Bread of Life
We all have life changing events - births, deaths, terminal illnesses, starting university, moving out. We also have life changing moments that do not always affect us directly but that we particpate in to help change others needs, such as Band Aid organised by Bob Geldof. Today is the first day of the rest of your life - what we do with it is up to us - but we must try to use it wisely and to God's glory doing what He would want us to. Jesus declares that He is the bread of life and we will have eternal life and futre with Him and our lives will change forever if we belive in Him. Jesus changes everything, not for a short term but for eternity. Sometimes the teaching of Jesus can be hard and we want to turn our back on it. If you lose sight of Jesus and forget Him you have lost everything.Jesus is the bread of life and the only way to heaven. No matter what is happening in our lives, we must still go out and tell all we meet of the love we have for Jesus and how He brings us through each and every day and each and every situation.
Duration: 22 mins