August 26, 2018
The true value of a talent
In this well known parable, the task of the 3 servants is to increase the value of the bags of gold (Talents) given to them and thus increasing their master's wealth. The faithful 2 servants wasted no time at all and got on with the job in hand and each made more money than they were originally given. The third servant however did not invest the gold and worse still, he buried the gold. He was being pro-active in the wrong way by burying what he had been given rather than using it to best advantage. God blesses each of us and we must bless others, passing on and sharing our blessings - this is What is it to be a good and valuable servant. There are those who choose not to take up God's blessings and offerings which is a great loss to themselves and in turn to others. The treasures and blessings we have from God are so good and valuable and need to be shared and allowed to multiply - not hidden away and allowed to perish. What we do and can do will be different for each of us but as long as we share our blessings in our own way and do what we can with them and to be open in our love of God and ready to love and serve our fellow man - that is all God asks.
Duration: 24 mins 24 secs