August 12, 2018
See how blessed you are - Go and be a blessing to others
Often in today's world of social media we hear and read the phrase of how blessed we are but often in that envrionment it has become a way of boasting about something. But what does it mean to Christians to be blessed? Material blessings can lead to pride. God's spiritual blessings in our lives can lead us to bless others out of gratitude to God. In Ephesians we read of the spiritual blessings: The first is that we are Chosen in Christ. God chose us to join us and Jesus together. The second is that we are Adopted into God's family. He is a Father who is always there, always right, always loving - who is there at any time for any issue. The third blessing is Redemeption - we are set free from sin. God redeemed and forgave us. The fourth is Knowedge. We know what God's will is for us, for His world and His creation, to restore unity to this world. One day God will show justice to all. On that day we will be liberated as one people under Christ. And finally the fifth blessing is Inheritance - God's Holy Spirit is living in us teaching us and taking us deeper in to knowing God. There are people we may not be able to love very easily but God's Holy Spirit helps us. Christians have already received all these blessings - we are richly blessed and it is our duty to go out and bring others to God that they too may be richly blessed. We need to be generous in other ways - with our time, gifts, talents and we should give what we have chosen to give - if we do not resolve to be generous with our time, gifts and money and bless others with them, we may not be commited enough to actually go out to others which would be a missed opportunity. We can either reap sparingly because we sow sparingly or we can reap abudantly becuase we sow abudantly - the choice is ours and yours.
Duration: 17 mins 7 secs