July 29, 2018
GRACE - God's Risk At Christ's Expense. What is grace? Grace is the most expensive bill the world and humankind ever faced - and it is the only bill God can afford to pay. It is so big that He had to pay it fully Himself but dying on the cross for our sins. Grace is about getting what you don't desrve - Grace is God's gift to us - one we really need but paid for at a great cost by Christ who died on the cross for our sins. Grace is not impersonal but a personal intervention by Christ in our lives. Grace does not replace punishment for our sins but it places that punishment on God. False grace is forgiveness without repentence. Grace is mentioned repeatedly throughout the Bible and the very last verse of the Bible says "The Grace of the Lord Jesus be with us all". And John 1:16 "Through jesus we have all received grace upon grace". Grace - listen to what is means for you and me.
Duration: 21 mins 33 secs