July 08, 2018
The Greatest Interregnum of All Time
Today's sermon spends a few moments looking at our own Church's situation being a month into an Interregnum and the sitaution the early disciples found themselves in when the Lord left them to return to His Father in heaven and they were without Him as their physical leader. Three times the Lord asked Peter "Do you love me" and three times Peter tells Jesus "Yes I love you". Jesus is trying to get Peter to understand that although Peter's love is great it is not as great as the love God has for us all. But even so, Jesus looks to Peter to lead the people as a good shepherd leads his flock. Jesus was going to leave the disciples and begin the longest interregnum of all time and and they had to get on with fulfilling what God had requested and to carry on in leading the lambs and sheep until He comes again - as we are today instructed to do, especially during a time of Interregnum. Jesus calls us to be His workers now, even though we have no officially appointed Minister at the moment. We may not be the greatest evangelists of all time but if we fully put our trust in God, and and faith in God, this is a story we can share. The early church grew because people whowed the compassion of Christ to their neighbours and got on with the job of sharing their faith. It would be fantastic if this church could grow without an informal Incumbent because we get on with the job of sharing our faith and showing the same compassion for our neighbourhood as Christ does. Jesus said Follow me... I say Amen to that - What do you say?
Duration: 19 mins 54 secs