June 17, 2018
Confidence is something we tend to take for granted. We are confident in ordinary mundane things but if we were not confident in these things, then life would be more demanding than it already is. So what happends when confdience is threatened or disappears altogether? An abused child soon loses confidence in those who are supposed to love him/her...someone living with constant criticism will lose confidence in themselves. Confidence is vital. But what does confidence mean to a Christian? One of the things Paul shows in this passage is his condience in Christ and Paul's desire to share this confidence with others. The word Confidence is made up of the following "Con" meaning "with" and "fide" meaning "faith". We believe and act with faith. For the Christian where does this confidence come from and what difference does it make and how does it affect our attitude towards others? Let us explore this as we move into this time of interregnum in the parish. Listen to what Paul's confidence can offer to us in this parish. We live by faith not by sight. The love of Christ urges us on. It is the Holy Spirit which motivates us and sustains us - God only wants the very best for us and the parish and we must be encourage one another and be confident Christ will lead us through the interregnum into a new season.
Duration: 14 mins 14 secs