May 27, 2018
Where do we make disciples?
In the last sermon of our mini series we look at the question "where do we make disciple"? The answer to that question is everywhere - amongst all people and all nations. Cornelius, although a Roman officer, was also a God fearer and like many other gentiles who were God fearing, was open to God and His Word. Although open to God, Cornelius was not quite there and so God wanted him to hear from Peter the disciple all that Peter had wintessed of his time with Jesus. Even Peter himself had doubts about preaching to gentiles as Peter felt they were unclean and not following Jewish laws. But God told Peter that what God said was clean is clean and Peter must submit to God's power and not Peter's preconceptions. The Gospel is for all nations and all types of people, not just Jews and Jesus' resurrection overcame the sins of all people - not just Jews. Peter told Cornelius how Jesus was God and died to save all His people. Everyone who believes in Jesus receives forgiveness in His name. Anyone who believes and trust in Jesus, whether gentile or Jew, would be forgiven. Peter at first thought this offer of forgiveness was only open to the Jewish nation but Peter then saw it was for all nations who believed in Jesus and received His forgiveness when repenting of their sins. The Gospel today, as it was in Jesus' time, is for everyone everywhere. God has a plan which is the spreading of the Gospel and of disciple making. If we are Christians we need to be for God's plan and go out and make disciples and help to bring non-believers to God. We need to start reaching out to them and start praying for them and inviting them to come to church. We cannot do everything but we can do something. We need to act and to pray and we need to start now. Where do we make disciples? Answer: Everywhere.
Duration: 20 mins 34 secs