May 13, 2018
How are disciples made?
Today we hear how it can be the smallest of things which make the boggest impact and difference. This is something we can all do in the context of making disciples, something which may seem odd or foolish but will have and make a huge difference to someone - we need to go out and plant the smallest of seeds in someone's lives and hearts - something that will grow. The Kingdom of God grows by the Word that is sown - we must go out and speak about Jesus, spread His message. The power of Gospel growth is in the Word - it grows through God's power. Be confident in the Word and keep sowing. We must believe that there is going to be an icnredible harvest if we keep planting the Word of God. We must have faith and confidnece in doing what is the right thing that when the Word is planted it will grow - have fatih and see it grow in people's lives.
Duration: 25 mins 48 secs