April 15, 2018
A Bible Study with Jesus
The Bible is like a jiigsaw - if you read it in parts, bits and pieces, you get a bit lost - you need to read it all to get the whole picture as it all fits together in an end product. The Bible can be summarised in 4 key words: Creation - God created everything without question and has command over it all. The second word is Fall - Human kind which God created messed up big time and in such a way the consequences have affected the human race throughout time. The third word is Redemption - despite us messing things up, God's plan is ot redeem us - He shows us this through His three promises to Abraham: People, Blessing and Land; He promises the coming of a Prophet like Moses; of a new leader in Joshua,; an eternal king in David's line (namely Jesus) and then the coming of Jesus who would die on the cross to save us from our sins. The final word is Consummation - we are waiting for the kingdom of peace and eternal delight to start and this will happen on the day of Jesus's second coming. The Conclusion is that if this is all true, then we have an urgent and important message - evangelism/disciple making should be one of our top priorities as a church, so we can help as many as people come to Christ before it's too late.
Duration: 24 mins 15 secs