March 25, 2018
We all love Superheroes
We love Superheroes such as Superman - he is fully Superman and fully Clark Kent - does this sound familiar? Unlike Superman, the Bible tells us Jesus was fully God and was fully man- and He too was a superhero in that He came to save the world and all of us from our sins. Today our sermon re-tells the story of how on Palm Sunday Jesus rode triumphantly into the city of Jerusalem being hailed as the superhero and yet only days later, instead of shouting Hosanna, King of Kings, they were screaming "crucify him". We all love superheroes, but the best boys-own superhero - our Lord Jesus Christ - has been irgnored by the great majority of the world. Palm Sunday gives us opportunity to ask how strong is our faith and whether we would turn our cries from Hosanna to Crucify? How far does our discipleship stretch and is it enough to sustain us on the promise that our road, our journey, will be a walk with God, covered by His Holy Spirit?
Duration: 20 mins 15 secs