February 25, 2018
How to be a Gospel church - Model Hope
Dealing with death and bereavement is the subject of this passage today. We learn that if we live in Christ and give ourselves to Christ we may die in body but will rise again when Jesus returns. As Christians we have hope in the Gospel and in the fact that Jesus is coming back. Christians will die but have the joy of knowing they will be able to meet again in eternity. We grieve and there is the pain of separation from a loved one but we do not grieve in the same way as non-Christians as we have hope beyond the grave. When Jesus returns He will bring with Him all those who have died in Christ and will raise them to new life. However, no-one knows when Jesus will return So we must live each day being prepared for His return as it will definitely happen and we must not be caught napping. If we are ready we will not be surprised or shocked by His return - we must not be morally asleep but alert and self-controlled. Are you ready for Jesus's return? Have you given your life to Christ or will you leave it until it's too late?
Duration: 24 mins 58 secs