February 18, 2018
How the church must live according to the Gospel
Sex and money are the top wreckers of Christian lives and God's people have always struggled getting the right view of sex and the right view of money. In this passage these two issues were present in the days of the Thessalonian church as much as they are today and are highlighted and addressed by Paul. Paul reminds the Thessalonians of how to obey God's teaching on these two issues. Through Paul's teachings, we are given the right view of how to avoid sexual immorality - of faithfulness in marriage and chastity outside of marriage. Paul also shows us how to have a genuine love and care for each other and to never tire of doing what is good. We should not be idle, lead a good and quiet life and work to earn the food we eat. We need to use our time to do good works for others and to work and earn so we can help others, especially those who are financially less well off. We need to busy ourselves working and serving others but it is important to distinguish between the deserving poor and the undeserving - those who have purposely been idle, who could have worked but have chosen not to.
Duration: 27 mins 1 sec