February 11, 2018
How Pastors serve the Church
People saw Paul in a variety of ways but what remains of importance is that God chose Paul and through Paul God's words, spoken and written, were inspired by God. We learn how Paul had been writing his letter of encouragement to the Thessalonian church to keep up their walk with God. Paul greatly mourned his separation from the Thessalonians and being unable to return to them he sent Timothy, his protege, to help the Thessalonians to mature their faith and become deep rooted in faith. And Paul was not disappointed as Timothy returned with the good news of how the Thessalonians had nailed their colours to the mast and were secure in their faith in God. Paul again sends back further encouragement to keep on keeping on - that their faith will continue to mature, their love abound and increase for each other and their lives be holy in the presence of God the Father. So the question today is, how important to us are God's ways and Words and how much do they impact on our daily lives? As much as they did for the Thessalonians? Or less?
Duration: 25 mins 53 secs