January 28, 2018
This is the Word of the Lord - really?
The Bible is God's Word - it's not merely human words but true written accounts of God's Word. the Word yields results - positive which is good but also negative when people reject the Word - not so good. But the Last Word is the Lord's - the Bible is not a giant Chinese Whisper with the message and translation changing over time . What we get in the Bible is was was accurately written. The Gospels are reliable eye-witness testimonies to God's teaching and Jesus' living. Jesus taught and assumed the Old Testament was authoritatively God's Word. The the Holy Spirit, Jesus promised to authoritatively guide His Apostles as they bore witness to Jesus - Jesus' Apostles regarded each other's writings as God's Word on a par with Old Testament Scripture. The entire Bible points to Jesus and his East rescue mission for the human race. The Bible deepens our faith and trust in God - so read your Bible daily, and trust in all it says. It is the only Book ever written that is as true today as it was way back when it all began.
Duration: 26 mins 7 secs