January 21, 2018
How Pastors serve the Gospel - Model Ministry
What do we think a Model Minister should be like? Different people expect different things and a model minister should expect different views on their ministry, including critical feedback, and must deal with it in an appropriate manner. Today we learn how Paul defends himself and the church and his model ministry. Paul reminds us constantly of the message of God and of God's Gospel and to keep true to the message and the model ministry despite often critical feedback and rejection. He constantly instructs the people in the Message. We learn of the methods Paul uses to get his message across - 1-2-1s; small groups; public gatherings - Paul shows integrity in his Motives and Methods. He gives up his rights for the sake of the Gospel. He declares his love for the Thessalonians - same as God shows His love for His children as a father shows his love to his children. Paul teaches them how to live as Christians in this difficult world whilst preparing for the next.
Duration: 26 mins 15 secs