November 26, 2017
The Rejected King
When we offer people Jesus and the opportunity of eternal life in God's Kingdom, more often than not our flyers end up in the recycling bin without even being read. We need to be encouraged, to press on in the face of discouragement. Throughout Mark's Gospel we read how Jesus was rejected by His people despite Him showing His power over life and death, and over creation. When Jesus chose His 12 disciples, he prepared them for rejection by His people. In this present day, we have to be prepared for rejection and encouraged them strongly not to give up. We must remain strong and firm in faith. John the Baptist came to pave the way for Jesus, for the coming Messiah. John the Baptist was rejected by many of the people but he continued in his work, even to the point of his death when he was beheaded. John the Baptist never once watered down the message of God - he was not afraid of what man might do to him - he was more afraid of God rejecting Him; he was not swayed by popular beliefs of the day or pressure from those in authority. So who do you fear most - your fellow man or God? God will only give us so many opportunities to come to Him - if we persistently close our eyes and ears to His calling, He will eventually stop and close the door on us. He will remain silent, never to speak into our minds and hearts again - He will eventually reject us. And when that happens, the door of opportunity to external life will be closed forever. Don't waste time, thinking you have all the time in the world, and more besides. You don't - give your lives to Jesus now - before it's too late - and never look back with regret.
Duration: 26 mins 21 secs