November 19, 2017
The Restoring King
We have been reading through St Mark's Gospel. Mark has made it his task to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the man from Nazareth is the long awaited Messiah - the Son of God - a rescue plan for the planet earth and the human race. In our journey through this Gospel we have seen Jesus heal the sick, drive out demons, challenge the religious leaders of the day. Once again the stage is set for our encounters with the divine God. So in our reading today we learn of further healing given by Jesus - of a woman who for years been struck down by a physical ailment - an outcast of lowly origins; and of Jairus, a well respected man in the community. Both individuals poles apart but both desperate for Jesus ability to heal. Both took the same action of seeking out Jesus - of having such faith in Jesus and His healing powers - they both believed beyond doubt Jesus was the Messiah. Life is unfair and seemingly random. We encounter untimely death, unwanted disease - we need to hold on to our faith throughout our lives. Jesus can restore to us the lost Eden and lost perfection. What have we got to lose if we do come to God and more to the point what have we got to forfeit if we do not come to God and give our lives to Him? Jesus is the author of perfection and our faith - come to Him and stay - you won't be disappointed.
Duration: 16 mins 27 secs