October 29, 2017
The Victorious King
In our sermon today Mark looks at how Jesus is the Creator God with power over His creation - the disciples were afraid when in a boat with Jesus a so-called "perfect" storm threatened to overturn the boat and drown them - but Jesus calmed not only the storms but the waves. Often God permits us to get into desperate circumstances and situations in order to force us to learn how to pray and to reply solely on God. Even though calm had been restored the disciples were still afraid - but this time of Jesus....they questioned who is this man who has such power over creation? But Jesus - being God in humankind - had power over evil within His creation as we saw when Jesus drove the demons out from a man and into pigs. Satan himself fears and knows exactly who Jesus is and what power He has over all things. Believing in God, being a Christian and living a Christian life, can be discouraging. Evangelism can be discouraging because we face so much opposition. Jesus throughout His life faced opposition - not just from strangers but from family and friends. And in our story today, we learn how Jesus continued to train His disciples to be strong and not to be discouraged. The question for us today is do you really believe Jesus was the one true God and that in His human nature he died on the cross for you ...for us? Do you?
Duration: 24 mins 52 secs