October 15, 2017
The enigmatic King
Wilberforce believed all people were created equal in the sight of God and this steadfast Christian belief drove him to campaign for the abolition of slavery. But many people thought he was a religious extremist and he was greatly opposed by many to not only his campaign but also to his faith which motivated him. In the book of Mark we learn about Jesus and His drive to bring people to faith. But again many people were against Him, particularly the religious leaders of the time, and plotted to kill Him. They despised Jesus and His claim to be God. They wanted Him, His teaching, His miracles to stop so that they could once again have people follow them. But despite all opposition Jesus carried on - the numbers following HIm grew and wherever Jesus went crowds followed Him. They wanted to hear Him, to see His miracles and to be healed. Because Jesus was God, He had power over evil and demons and satan. We hear how Jesus chose His 12 disciples to help Him bring the Word of God to all who would listen. Despite those who opposed Jesus including His family, He was steadfast in His mission. We as Christians today must be steadfast no matter how many or who think we are mad to believe in God. Like Jesus, like Wilberforce, we keep on going calling on the Holy Spirit to make us strong and determined.
Duration: 24 mins 12 secs