October 08, 2017
The opposed King
In today's sermon we hear how Jesus worked on the Sabbath which to the religious leaders of the time seemed very wrong. However Jesus pointed out to them that helping people, even on the Sabbath, was more important than keeping to the rules. Additionally since Jesus was God is human form, He was Lord over the Sabbath. Jesus wanted to show people that the religious leaders had changed the religious rules to suit their own ends and means. And the vast majority of the religious leaders then rejected Jesus - in fact, they didn't like what He was saying and plotted to kill Him. Even today, there are religious leaders who wish to re-write the Bible and change the rules to suit the tastes and trends of life and society today - but it is important we don't pursue this. Listen to how the Gospel of Mark tells us how we must follow the real Jesus.
Duration: 25 mins 7 secs