August 27, 2017
Walk on by......!
We must beware of hardened hearts in ourselves. Even if we are in the service of God's will, we can still find ourselves - in times of distress - having doubts and these doubts can linger there too long. It is often only when we are at the end of our human endurance we really turn to the Lord and seek his face. It is only then Jesus steps in. Perhaps it is only then we see him truly as He is - God, King, teacher, a worker of miracles - who gave everything for us. Jesus is the Lord to all who are in need. Jesus was the same then as he is now. If we miss out at asking Him into our lives and let Him pass on by, there will not be another opportunity. Are you willing to let God walk on by or are you going to stop Him and invite Him into your life?
Duration: 23 mins 5 secs