August 13, 2017
Can we hide from God?
God asked Jonah to bring a warning to the people of Nineveh that if they did not change their ways He would punish them severely. But Jonah did not want to do the job and tried to flee from God. People today think and say they don't believe in God and the Bible and think it doesn't matter. They think they can flee from God. But God is still there and we are all under God's power regardless of whether we believe or not. Eventually Jonah realises it is not possible to disobey God or to get away from what God has asked him to do. In our lives God sees and knows everything. It never pays to disobey God. God is in perfect control of all situations. He gives us second chances. God always hears sincere prayers but He know what is best for us. We need to turn from our evil ways. We must pray that God's will and not our own be done. Jonah eventually realised this... do you?
Duration: 23 mins 51 secs