April 23, 2017
Go out into the world and be heard
This side of Easter we have a great opportunity to speak of the Risen Christ, to speak of all He has done for us, what a key part of our lives He is. We come to church to hear the Gospel, we pray for people to come to our church to likewise hear the Gospel. However, our greatest opportunity for people to hear the Gospel is outside our church walls - to go out and preach the Gospel wherever we are, amongst our family, friends and work colleagues. If we came to church today expecting to hear a sermon and none was given, how disappointed or let down we would feel. But how much more disappointed and let down are the people outside of this church, that we do not go out and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. God asked us to go out and make disciples, as He instructed to many in the Bible. And many were afraid just like us and some disobeyed Him. He asks us to be His voice, to bring His Word to all who will listen. It is our calling and our responsibility as Christians. But it is not easy. We are afraid, self-conscious,; it is far easier to sit quietly in church rather than proclaim our faith to the outside world. But if we don't speak up for Jesus, no-one else will. So, will you?
Duration: 17 mins 46 secs