April 16, 2017
Easter Sunday - a celebration of truth
How do we know the story of Jesus, His death on the cross and His resurrection are actually true and not "fake news"? We are surrounded it seems by fake news these days so why is this story any different? The reason is that the reliability of any ancient text is defined by the number of ancient documents of written accounts of things which happened. The Bible is made up of numerous ancient documents - it has been verified as the most accurate ancient document by a massive margin. It contains accurate copies of many written eye-witness accounts and testimonies. It is our daily reminder Jesus was and is real, His birth, death and resurrection are real and our faith is based on fact not fiction. Let us celebrate today that truth, that Jesus came into this world to save us from ourselves and our sin. He died for us and as we celebrate each Easter, He rose again conquering death and sin.
Duration: 12 mins 31 secs