April 09, 2017
Palm Sunday - Jesus comes to Jerusalem as King
Jesus was a King but came riding in on a donkey. Crowds were waiting and gathering in their thousands. All were in total adoration. And all this after only 3 years of ministry - a ministry however which pointed out to all, Christians and non-Christians alike, where they had gone wrong. Jesus was not there to gain popularity but to tell the truth. His was a Kingdom for all people who loved him and believed in him. It was a powerful Kingdom, not made up of armies but of love and forgiveness. His teaching was never to glorify himself but that of the Father. Giving the Father His rightful place. But despite all this adoration, within days the crowds turned against him and were asking for Him to be crucified. Would it happen today? We worship God, sing His praises but are we firm in our faith - do we really worship Him with our full heart or do we turn against Him when things go wrong, when trials and problems arise? True worship equips us for Satan and his demons - true worship would transforms this world. Where do you stand? Are you cheering from the side lines in the good times and then turning your back on true worship when the going gets tough?
Duration: 24 mins 53 secs