March 26, 2017
Suffering, Prayer and Restoration
The final in our series of James - Faith in Action. Today we pull together the Book of James. When under pressure beware double-mindedness and patiently trust in the Lord. becoming double-minded. When under pressure we are tempted to back-slide - we grumble against each other, our leaders and the Lord. We forget about God's goodness to us. Pressure can lead to grumbling and dishonesty. We cut corners, in our finances, our relationships, but most of all our relationship with God. How do we control our lives when under pressure? By patiently trusting the Lord and this involves prayer by all Christians in all the seasons of life. Pressure can cause us to stray. We can see others drifting away from the Lord. When we see someone back-sliding we must go after them to bring them back to the Lord and His people. And it is not just the responsibility of our church leaders to do this. It is the responsibility of all of us. Whenever we are under pressure, we must stand firm, persevere and be patient and trust in the Lord through prayer and faith. Going after wandering or lost souls is of eternal value. After all, God came after us, didn't he? He is the shepherd and will go in search of any lost sheep.
Duration: 33 mins 28 secs