March 19, 2017
God-focused or self-focused?
We need to keep our desires and wants under control and make sure they are focused and directed from God and not ourselves. All we have is from God - we must not become presumptuous that we are a self-made man or woman. Everything we have comes from God. WE must share. We must also not boast of what we have or what we are. Yes, work hard, pay your way but share all with others. Life is fragile, temporary and precarious. We don't know ow long we have so we must work for today. Our lives are like a mist that quickly evaporates. We do not know about tomorrow - there is no guarantees. Planning is good, but only if it's "God-willing". His will, not ours. Do we spend our lives self-focused or focused on God? Is God central in our lives or just on Sundays and the rest of the week we live as the world would live?
Duration: 21 mins 31 secs