October 23, 2016
Laughing at God's promise
In our passage today Abraham receives a visit from 3 men. It is thought that this group of three were in fact the Lord (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)). God had promised Abraham three things, Land, Blessings and a Nation. Arriving in the heat of the day, the three visitors are offered hospitality and shown great respect by Abraham. He gives them rest, shelter and a meal and whilst eating the three tell again to Abraham what the Lord had promised him.. that Sarah his wife, would give him a son. How is it these "strangers" knew of God's promise to Abraham or his wife's new name Sarah, given to her by God? Abraham and Sarah's response is predictable - they laugh because Sarah is too old, as is Abraham, to conceive children. But the messenger is insistent. Abraham must have no doubt that the promises of God were being set in place for all those who call themselves children of God. We must not have doubt - Satan uses doubt, deceit and deception to separate us from God. We must be aware God is at work around us and has something particular and personal to say to each of us. We should welcome the Lord into our lives with humility and awe that He alone deserves and realise how intimately God knows us. Are we serious about our faith? Do we truly believe what God says? Two questions: Where are we going? And When are we going? We cannot truly answer these two questions until we first believe, know and trust the God who is asking them.
Duration: 18 mins 12 secs