April 10, 2016
Three appearances
It is said "seeing is believing" and this is true of the passage before us in this sermon. John's Gospel records many encounters of Jesus following his Resurrection. Out passage shows Mary's despair turned to hope, from seeing am empty tomb to seeing her Risen Master. The second encounter with Jesus is where he shows himself to his disciples gathered together in a locked room, fearful of those outside. Their fear turns to peace and joy in seeing their Risen Lord and Saviour. One of the disciples, Thomas, was not present at this second encounter and doubted Jesus had Risen from the dead. But on the third occasion Jesus showed himself, Thomas was there and he also believed. The significance of a locked room is that to Jesus there are no barriers which can keep Jesus out. The question is how many barriers are in our lives which try to keep Jesus out? We may try and hold him back but He lovingly keeps trying to come into our lives. Stop doubting and start believing. Jesus is in the Scriptures, He is in everything and He is everywhere. Believe.
Duration: 18 mins 36 secs