March 13, 2016
Wisdom or Folly?
Our passage today tells the story of two houses - one of Wisdom and one of Folly. Although there are similarities in both houses, there are significant differences. The first is managed by a lady called Wisdom - her house is a place of completeness and perfection; it has been prepared for the guests and it is filled with purpose and life. To gain entry to this house we need a key and that is to have a fear of the Lord - it is respect and wonder of the Lord and wanting to give our lives to Him. The second house is called Folly. It is a house of warning. Folly is simple, it knows nothing, it is the blind leading the blind. The guests here are deep in the realm of the dead, they are in darkness -they are spiritually dead. Only a fool says there is no God. Only a fool says I don't need God today or any day. Which house do you wish to reside in?
Duration: 14 mins 2 secs