Who we are
The Parish of High Ongar consists of 3 churches in 1 area: St Mary's High Ongar, St James’ Marden Ash and All Saints Norton Mandeville.

About us

About the Parish of High Ongar

Our church community is one that worships God, aims to grow in faith and seeks to focus on on four areas, all of which are equal in importance.

  • Worship
  • Mission
  • Teaching
  • Pastoral care

If you visit us on a Sunday you will be welcomed at the church door. If you have any special needs please make them known and we will do our best to accommodate them. 

We are an all-age friendly fellowship. All ages attend services, from the very young up to those in their eighties and nineties. We especially want to encourage children and young adults to have a great time as they find out about and grow in their own personal faith in Jesus.

Within the three churches you will find different styles of worship. Some services are quiet and meditative while others are noisy and exuberant, some traditional, some very different! We have a number of people who lead services and to bring God’s word to us, which ensures freshness and variety.

We believe that being a Christian is not just for Sunday. Our teaching is biblically sound and relevant to today, and practical in everyday life.

We believe God offers you a new life in Jesus, a chance to put aside all those things that we have all done that we are not particularly proud of!

We try to make sure that you will not feel in any way inferior or judged at any of the High Ongar Parish churches and give an open welcome to everyone.

For more information about the three church locations, click on their names at the very top of the website.